Past Projects
This is the focal point of  one of the Space Center Houston's Summer Shows.  Besides a demo stage, it also contained a demonstration on microgravity.  A cylinder was dropped from 50 feet above the floor with flame and water drops to show how they would react under microgravity conditions, recorded, and played back on a large projection screen.  We designed and fabricated the audio and video system which contained multiple VCRs and video switching units as well as control electronics to lift and position the cylinder.  The system contained a winch and optic sensors for positioning.  The cylinder was attached to the lift wire by an electromagnet for quick release.  The system included a double safety switch system, "FIRE" button and two way winch control.
This is "Sneezy Sammy", an interactive at the Medical Museum in Houston. In this one, we designed and built the mechanical and electronic logic for determining whether the correct answers are dialed in or not. The unit reacts in different ways depending on whether correct or incorrect answers are chosen.
This display has interactives at each end dealing with the human skeleton and is located at the Museum of Health and Medical Science in Houston Texas.
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