Technicial Services
Whether it is burned out lamp or a major overhaul needed on your display, Texhibits offers our services for repair. We will analyze the failure, suggest a more durable design and make the repairs. This service will free you from the worry of display "down time" and add to your guest experience.
We are equipped with all of the test equipment needed for these repairs and will do repairs on site when possible.
Redesign of "Lift System" on the MMU ride at Space Center Houston to heighten the guest experience.
This is an interactive display where the design required us to remake a critical mechanical section.
The broken seat centering system.
Redesigned and much stronger seat centering system.
The interactive display is back in action.
This is a fully interactive display on the hazards of electric power service. Here we reworked and repaired the electronics that generate large sparks for a set amount of time.